'You see, when I'm out there it's like nothing could stop me. Like I could run and run and never have to stop. And that's the feeling I live for.'
It’s Zoe Divides, she’s seventeen and who doesn’t know that she’s the schools Sport Freak. She’s strangely single and remember that time when someone said she looked like Nina Dobrev and she freaked out? She’s available/taken.
If there’s one thing Zoe can’t stand, it’s teenage drama. Sure she’s a teenage herself but she has zero tolerance for all the break up drama that seems to be a daily occurrence at school. 
 Zoe’s zero tolerance for drama came from her father’s attitude to everything. He’s a cold man, more capable of firing hundreds of workers from their jobs than raising a daughter. Zoe tries to love him anyway, her mother left when she was nine so the only motherly influence Zoe ever got was from her best friend’s mother. 
 Her true passion lies in all sports, although her specialty is track. Zoe describes the feeling of running as the same as flying, only on the ground. It frustrates her that nobody else seems to get her love for running. Most girls would rather be gossiping about what happened at lunch and guys just claim that girls can’t and shouldn’t be doing sport. 
 Even though nearly everyone gets on Zoe’s nerves there is one guy who knows and loves to push her buttons until she’s ready to claw his eyes out. Nathan Miller was Zoe’s mortal enemy in just about everything. Zoe’s best friend, Cassie, claims that they’re hatred is just a big cover up for the huge amount of sexual frustration between the two but Zoe swears that she’s going insane.
Important Relationships: 
Cassie Vance : best friend -Cassie and Zoe have been best friends since forever. Cassie seems to be one of the few girls who can stand Zoe’s constant talk about sport while Zoe can listen to Cassie babble for hours about the randomest things.
Nathan Miller :  possible love interest - Zoe and Nathan could fight all days about the stupidest things. Although Nathan can’t help but feel as though underneath all the little fights about nothing there could be some actual feelings for each other. 
Matthew Montgomery : friend - Matthew and Zoe met on the first day of Freshman year when Zoe dropped her suitcase on Matthew’s foot. He insisted that he was fine but Zoe was apologizing for the rest of the week and somewhere along the lines they become good friends.

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