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Who's Benjamin Sullivan's fc going to be? —Anonymous

The gorgeous Liam Hemsworth I believe, nonnie.

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dane dehaan fc? —Anonymous

Oh my, yes I love Dane and his beautiful face to the moon and back I'll add him to the list right now.

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"Good girls follow the rules, Smart girls find loopholes.

It’s Monique Heffer, she’s seventeen and who doesn’t know that she’s the school’s Socialite. She’s single and remember when someone said she looked like Janel Parrish and she smiled fakely before rolling her eyes?

Monique has always looked out for herself, growing up in the Upper East side taught her that the majority of people are just backstabbing bitches. Her parents were no different, both politicians Monique felt like she was in the middle of a battlefield most of the time, not in her cosy loft apartment. 

At Constance Monique has it all going for her, she can get whatever she want with the snap of her fingers or a brief phone call to daddy. And everyone knows it, they knows that crossing Monique would put them on the wrong track for the rest of their lives. She thrives on the feeling of knowing that she’s practically untouchable, refusing to let most people close. Because once you’re close to Monique, you’re in her little bubble of New York parties and knowing secrets about almost everyone important in America. 

One girl who has and always will be in Monique’s bubble is Sophie Decour. The two bonded over their huge amounts of money and bright futures. Although the slight downfall of Sophie being heartbroken knocked both of them back into reality, it made Monique even more ready to showcase her endless talents of being able to take down everyone who stood in the way of what she wanted. 

Now her only goal at school is to make everyone pay for anything and everything they did to harm her or those close to her. Slowly but surely she’s plotting the entire school’s demise. 

Important Relationships : 

Sophie Decourbest friend -  Monique and Sophie have always stuck together through thick and thin. Monique feels a urge to protect Sophie and Sophie appreciates Monique more than anyone else in school.

It's good news all round for me considering I'm heading out to see the new X-Men later on today and now thanks to Tumblr, I can use gifs bigger than 1.5 MB. Wanna make my day any better by sending in any apps or questions? I could promise a few bios and maybe even the first task being released pretty soon.

There's a girl at my school named Lauren Newman holy shit —Anonymous

Oh, really? Well I promise it was just a coincidence. Plus Lauren Newman is an OC from one of our lovely muns.


'I don’t wanna waste no time, following dead end roads.'

It’s Aubrey Fields, she’s seventeen and who doesn’t know that she’s the school’s Rockstar. She’s strangely single and remember when someone said she looked like Demi Lovato and she told them that they were being silly?

If anyone that graduates from Constance Prep will ever be famous, it’ll hands down be Aubrey. This girl has big dreams and the talent to achieve them. Born and raised on a farm, Aubrey learnt how to ride a horse before she could walk. She has a love for nature, animals and hard work. But, only if the hard work involves her dreams.

Aubrey tends to be unmotivated and lazy if it has to do with school work. She’ll just complain about it forever and then do it as quickly as possible last minute, which means her grades aren’t the most impressive. But Aubrey believes her talent is enough. She has to take extra tutoring lessons to catch up in her work from missing so much due to trying to hunt down a record label that would take her, despite not finding one she refuses to believe that it means that she isn’t going anywhere and can’t break into the business.

When at first Aubrey realized that she never noticed guys anymore she put it down to just being too busy with her music and trying to catch up on her work. But when she found herself crushing on her female tutor Aubrey realized that maybe she wasn’t noticing guys for a different reason. Although she’s sure now that she prefers girls to guys she hasn’t told anyone else due to fear of rejection and it possibly ruining her chances of a record deal and the life she’s always wanted.

Important Relationships : 

Jessie Harlemcrush - Although Aubrey tries to both hide and ignore her attraction to girls, she can’t fight off her crush on Jessie. It’s her head-strong attitude that makes Aubrey care for her so much, even though she’d never tell a soul. 

prompts for Lea Harbor? —Anonymous

A few that popped into my head would be; Lea calling one of her friends back home telling them about Constance, maybe she's received a call from her agent saying that she's not got the role she wanted and how she reacts to that her thinking over why Benjamin won't give in to her advances. If you need any more then don't hesitate to send in another ask.

do people play more than one character? —Anonymous

We have about two players who play more than one character, but honestly Hannah and I didn’t decide on a character limit so I’d say go for it. As many as you can manage, but I think around six should be a limit.


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most wanted males? —Anonymous

We’d love just about anyone, but I’d say some of those most wanted would be our Dylan O’Brien fcHarry Styles fc, Tyler Blackburn fc, Dave Franco fc and Zac Efron fc.